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We believe in WHY
We love blank beginnings.
We love to create the non-existent.
We thrive to transform the usual.
We disrupt. We collaborate.
We challenge. We go beyond.

Realize your Dream
We help Startups & Legacy Businesses, transform their ideas into reality with Technology
Technology & Business Solutions
We break, we build, we learn, we innovate.

Mobile Apps
Website Development
Application Solutions
Cloud Computing
Database Architecting
Full Stack Framework
DevOps Model
Process Optimisation
Sales Analysis & Performance
Customer Insights & Journeys
Financial Efficiency
Quality Monitoring
Digital Marketing
We leverage digital channels to create valuable content that builds online brand persona.

Social Media
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Direct Emailers
Affiliate Marketing
Referral Programs
Loyalty programs
Blog Management
Video/ AV Production
Branding & Identity
While you deliver on the best products & services, we deliver on showcasing it.

Crazy. Narcissist. Geek. Misfits. Rebels. Eccentric. Lovable. Charismatic. Chic. Maverick. Spontaneous. Eclectic. Mysterious. Flexible. Magical. Perky. Sociable. Mad. Persistent. Cheerful. Dreamer. Zesty.
Meet our leaders
Founder & CEO
Swears by Old Monk rum. Lady Gaga fan. TV enthusiast. Internet buff. Web maven. Zombie lover. Hardcore troublemaker. Proud travelaholic… Marketing, brand, digital addict… Maverick.
Partner & Director
Lives on the edge. Flower gifter. Entrepreneur. Car and dog lover. Spontaneous. Movies. Music. Dance. Traveller…. Digital, advertising, brand addict… Dreamer.
Awesome team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Megha Meher
Head of HR & Administration
Vikas Lalani
Head of Finance
Kavita D'Silva
Head of Business reEngineering
Ramesh Thapa
Head of Sales
Hardika Parekh
Manager of Business Development
Suhas Patil
Asst. Manager Business reEngineering
Ronit Parekh
Officer Business reEngineering
Mark Fernandes
Officer Business reEngineering
Ahsam Shaikh
Sr. Executive Business reEngineering
Sejal Parmar
Manager of Finance
Arun Khatri
Asst. Manager of Finance
Kaustubh More
Manager of Digital Marketing
Sweta Surve
Sr. Executive of Digital Marketing
Bhushan Killedar
Sr. Graphic Designer
Bhumi Manier
Full Stack Developer
Nahid Shaikh
Full Stack Developer
Sushil Kakade
Sr. Android Developer
Viraj Koshimkar
UI/UX Designer
Zubair Shaikh
Sr. Frontend Developer
Nikesh Adekar
Team Coach
Sahil Shaikh
Jr. Executive
Punya Pillai
Sr. Manager Product & Operations
Our Showcase
Our Group Companies & Brands
Conceptualised to disrupt the usual and innovate the normal, The Whiteboard Company looks at every client, every business, every opportunity as a blank beginning. We always begin at the start. Over the 4 years, TWC as we fondly call it, has successfully built, operated and transferred multiple businesses.
Started as a principal to sell UAE Visas, today RedCarpet Assist has expanded into the market catering to all country Visas, airport services like meet and assist and lounges. Our latest addition is representing an Italian Destination Management Company in India that caters to very high end luxury tours in Italy.
A Visa processing ERP-CRM solution built by The Whiteboard Company, enables travel agents increase productivity and efficiencies. Using the latest open source technology, Ctrl Visa aims to become a GDS of Visas in time.
The only non travel business we run, KaReGhar is our recent venture that recycles automobile scrap to make usable and creatively designed products - all handcrafted.
Feel free to write and call us.
We really love to have some new clients.
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101, Sea View, Aman Nagar, Dr. AB Road, Worli, Mumbai, India. 400018.

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